30 September 2019

“Wood is the new concrete. Concrete is a 20th-century material. Steel is a 19th-century material. Wood is a 21st-century material.”..

30 September 2019

The recent World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos was the scenario chosen by the impact organization Circle Economy to present The Circularity Gap Report 2019. The research emphasizes the enorm..

12 September 2019

Wood is having a moment in the sun. Able to sequester carbon, rather than producing it, wood is a sustainable option in an era of building codes that increasingly demand greener buildings. Thanks to m..

12 June 2019

Research says that when we’re exposed to natural elements like air, water, earth, greenery and sunlight, we experience an elated sense of being – a feel-good factor of sorts. Given a choice, many..