Research says that when we’re exposed to natural elements like air, water, earth, greenery and sunlight, we experience an elated sense of being – a feel-good factor of sorts.

Given a choice, many people express a preference for natural material that incorporates or evokes nature. It turns out there is more to that preference than just personal taste. The preference for nature has a name: biophillia.


Natural materials like linen, wool, cotton, silk, wood, are all are biophilic. The touch or feel of these materials evokes a sense of ‘calm’. Materials like these have natural surfaces which make it easier to connect with unlike manmade materials that create a disconnect with nature. In today’s stressful world, coming home to peace, tranquillity, and calm is something we all yearn for. Incorporating wood, stone, or other natural materials helps in creating exactly such a peaceful environment.

They say wood has the power to bring down people’s level of stress: Let’s find out how.

Wood being biophilic, provides benefits that lift your mood both physically and psychologically. This can be hard to believe until you’ve experienced it!

If we are to harness the stress-reducing properties of nature, what better way than having windows and doors made out of wood? These are visually appealing in addition to helping reduce stress. Use of wood in the living environment helps balance blood pressure, heart rate and pacifies aggressive tendencies in the inhabitants.

Wood is incredibly environmentally friendly. It absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and stores it, an extremely valuable characteristic in these times of Global Warming. More so, it can be used to build structures faster than we can imagine. And with technology - it is getting even more efficient and adaptable.

Today’s urban set of consumers who are inclined toward use of wood, not only swear by a certain set of values but also demand a lifestyle that keeps them sane in this fast paced world. Architects believe that this is the ‘building material to look out for in the future’. Wood is one way towards building a healthier future.

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