client speak

“The architects had a bold vision to use wood in an exterior facade and we are happy to have been part of this project. ”

- Anuj Divanji, MD, RitikaaWood

“The 3.9m high wooden glazing for the Living Room which essentially is enveloped by a water pool on 3 sides and opens to grand vistas towards the lawn - this has remained as on day one since 2013, given the water resistant qualities of RitikaaWood products.”

- Ar. Tarun Dutt, ICON Design Studio

Our Patrons

In order to promote the use of wood as a sustainable building material, RitikaaWood curated a 'coffee table book' featuring some brilliant projects with very innovative applications of wood by nationally renowned architects. 

This book has been highly appreciated by architects and end users across the country. RitikaaWood would once again like to thank the architects who have contributed towards this cause with their projects and look forward to the next edition with many more exciting projects.