all natural solid wood doors
with a 50 year warranty

The RitikaaWood PermaDoor is an ideal solution for discerning clients and designers looking for real solid wood doors. Doors that do not swell or jam in inclement weather, Ever.

Offering remarkable flexibility of design, and resilient to harsh environments, it is suited for areas where you can unabashedly expose it to the elements - be it wet areas of the bathroom or outdoors overlooking the balcony besides of course your main entrance door.

The PermaDoor is made out of solid wood. No ply, no veneers here. By virtue of which, it offers a great canvas for age-old craftsmanship - allowing artisans to pursue their traditional craft with passion, aided with a combination of modern manufacturing.
Woodworking craftsmanship, flexible production methods and leading-edge technology combine to ensure that yours is a custom-made, solid timber door built to endure. See the PermaDoor brochure.

See the PermaDoor Brochure.


all natural solid wood windows
with a 50 year warranty


Our premium luxury windows range that combines unsurpassed performance with elegance and sheer magnificence of size.


This versatile range offers performance with casement windows and practical functionality with sliding windows.


This sleek, clean and elegant series of windows includes casement as well as sliding windows that are simple and a joy to operate and yet offer superior performance vis-a-vis traditional site made


Unique, situation-specific window/door solutions to add the x-factor to your property.Indulge from a range of vertical sliding-folding and pivot window solutions that meet your functional requirements.Traditional box sash vertical sliding windows counter balanced with lead weights.

See the PermaWindow Brochure.


all natural solid wood decking
with a 50 year warranty

The RitikaaWood PermaDeck is the ultimate in leisure surface design. The subtle beauty of PermaDeck has elevated decking to the status of internal solid wood flooring. It thus allows for extension of indoor spaces to outdoors.

Made from all natural solid wood, PermaDeck is especially treated to remain unaffected by rain and sunlight.

PermaDeck comes with a warranty of 50 years against dimensional stability (no warping, no bending, no cupping) and rot resistance.

See the PermaDeck Brochure.


all natural solid wood cladding
with a 50 year warranty

RitikaaWood PermaClad is ideal for creating a striking, premium, elegant, luxurious and warm façade with a highly distinctive character that transforms the landscape around it.

Made from all natural solid wood, PermaClad is specially treated to remain unaffected by natural elements. PermaClad comes with a warranty of 50 years against dimensional stability (no warping, no bending, no cupping) and rot resistance, even when exposed to rain and sunlight. PermaClad therefore allows designers and architects to boldly specify wooden facades for extreme exterior applications.

See the PermaClad Brochure.


all natural solid wood screens
with a 50 year warranty

The RitikaaWood PermaScreen is a high-end alternative solution to both commercial and residential buildings that offers innovative solutions for sun-shading, privacy screening etc and can be used in a variety of unique applications which until now were not possible to be achieved using timber.

Modern screen designs are offered with traditional ‘Jali’.

Ritikaawood provides end-to-end solution including design, manufacturing, installation and beyond.

See the PermaScreen Brochure.

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